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Know How and Passion

Led by a strategic management team with longstanding experience in the pharmaceutical Industry: 

Mag. Andreas Steiner, Group CEO, AOP Health Group, an economist by education brings both inside views from the pharmaceutical industry as well as hospital management,

Dr. Rudolf Widmann, board member,  AOP Health Group, founder of the company, pharmacist by education with deep knowledge and passion for rare diseases treatments and research,

Dr. Günther Krumpl, board member,  AOP Health Group, medical doctor, pharmacologist, Associate Professor and entrepreneurial pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry,

Dr. Georg Fischer, CEO, AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH, medical doctor by education who also brings a longstanding experience in business development, which comprises new markets, international medical affairs and health technology.

Strategic Management and the Executives, a team of highly educated experts. Most of them graduated in natural science and have acquired extensive research experience from both university institutions and industry research facilities. However, what binds them all together is not their common scientific background but rather their passion for fighting diseases.

It is this passion that drives our management team and all our employees to fully commit themselves to developing and producing efficient drugs that can effectively fight diseases and enhance the quality of the patient’s life to the greatest extent possible.

Strategic Management

Mag. Andreas Steiner Group CEO AOP Health Group

"AOP Health is unconditionally committed to bringing not only drugs but full treatment support to patients with rare diseases and in critical care."

Dr. Gunther Krumpl Board Member AOP Health Group | Founder

"AOP Health having international expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development as well as distribution and marketing offers flexible solutions for in- and out-licensing partnerships."

Portrait Widmann
Dr. Rudolf Widmann Board Member AOP Health Group | Founder

"As a company, we are small enough to be really close to our patients, yet we are large enough to be able to provide them high-quality, personalized customer care."

Dr. Georg Fischer CEO AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH

"AOP Health commitment doesn't end at the company door. We live it - no matter where we are and when we are needed."

Portrait Fischer

Executive Team

Portrait Klade
Dr. Christoph Klade Chief Scientific Officer

"AOP Health has successfully developed a number of innovative treatment options in recent years. To arrive at these, our thinking is guided above all by patient needs."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kurt Krejcy Chief Medical Officer

"To provide patients with effective drugs COLLABORATION is the key for success- within and between pharmaceutical industry and academia."

Portrait Lanz
Mag. Petra Lanz Chief Commercial Officer

"Every day we at AOP Health consolidate our knowledge, expertise and energy to ensure that the patients get necessary treatments available notwithstanding the market complexity and challenges."

Portrait Lanz
Dr. Martin Steinhart Chief of Research & Development

"AOP Health is fully dedicated to develop new treatments for patients with rare diseases and in critical conditions. Everyday we do our best to understand and to serve the patients needs!"

Portrait Damggard
Anna Damgaard Jensen, LL.M. Chief Legal Officer

"AOP Health is an agile company operating worldwide via own local enterprises and partnerships. Each country has its own regulations that apply to drug research and development, manufacturing, marketing and post marketing activities - to name a few. At AOP Health we do our best to keep up the high standards at every step for the health and safety of the patients!"

Portrait Bernhard
Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M Chief Financial Officer

"The development of a new drug can take between 8-15 years and can cost millions of euros from its discovery to the successful commercialization. To achieve this company needs not only stamina but also financial stability and effectiveness is indispensable. Our lean financial structure, enduring profitability, positive cash-flow and transparent, efficient controlling provides a solid financial basis for further company development, scientific discoveries and new therapies to ensure a benefit for the patient.”

Portrait Bernhard
Christoph Reinwald, MSc Chief Technology Officer & Qualified Person

"In the highly specific field of rare diseases, it is particularly important to develop not only innovative but above all effective drugs and reliable treatments.  We have the highest quality standards, as we know that our products are vital for patients. Quality begins by placing customer satisfaction at the center of our thinking."

Gwen Kerforn Chief Human Resources Officer

"At AOP Health, we are committed to foster an environment in which our associates can unfold their full potential and are recognized for their contributions"