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Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M Chief Financial Officer

"The development of a new drug can take between 8-15 years and can cost millions of euros from its discovery to the successful commercialization. To achieve this company needs not only stamina but also financial stability and effectiveness is indispensable. Our lean financial structure, enduring profitability, positive cash-flow and transparent, efficient controlling provides a solid financial basis for further company development, scientific discoveries and new therapies to ensure a benefit for the patient.”

Personal Data Sheet

Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M (WU) received his Master Degree in Business Law from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria and has been continuing his education afterwards in the field of  leadership, tax law and finance among others. He has also successfully completed the Austrian tax counselling exam in 2017. Bernhard has gathered profound tax and finance experience in international tax consulting and auditing firms before he joined AOP Health in 2017 as a tax expert. He was promoted to Director Finance in January 2020.