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Termination of Joint Landiolol Project by AOP Health and Eagle

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH (AOP Health) and Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Eagle) agreed to amicably end their contractual relationship concerning their joint efforts regarding the development and commercialization of AOP Health's pharmaceutical products containing landiolol in the US.

Landiolol is an ultra-short acting beta 1 selective intravenous beta blocker for the management of acute tachyarrhythmia in critically ill patients, with minimal impact on blood pressure and inotropy. Landiolol, with the brand name Rapibloc®, obtained regulatory approval in Europe and was successfully launched in 2017. Landiolol is an important drug that fulfills an unmet medical need in critical care settings and therefore, AOP Health cooperates with the United States Food and Drug Administration towards a successful approval of landiolol in the US. However, Eagle has redefined its business priorities for the US markets. As a result, AOP Health and Eagle decided to cease their joint development and commercialization efforts concerning AOP Health's landiolol products in the US.

About AOP Health

The AOP Health Group incorporates several companies including AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH with its seat in Vienna, Austria (“AOP Health”). The AOP Health Group is the European pioneer for integrated therapies for rare diseases and in critical care. Over the past 25 years, the AOP Health Group has become an established provider of integrated therapy solutions operating from its headquarters in Vienna, its subsidiaries and representative offices throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as through partners worldwide. The claim “Needs. Science. Trust.” sums up the foundation of the Group’s success: establishing trust through a continually high level of investment in research and development and a highly consistent and pragmatic orientation towards the needs of all stakeholders – especially the patients and their families as well as the healthcare professionals treating them.

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