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As a privately owned company AOP Health is devoted to long-term commitment, high quality, and continuity. For a small number of very special diseases, the company is the sole supplier of some key therapeutic agents throughout the world. 

Foundation of AOP Health Group

AOP Health was founded in 1996 by Dr. Rudolf Widmann with the aim of developing and providing therapy options for patients with rare diseases, and introducing the therapy options first in Austria, the European core countries of AOP Health, and finally join the international market. AOP Health’s headquarters is in Vienna, Austria.  

Team AOP Health Italy

AOP Health Italia is a team of dedicated and agile specialists with a great sense of responsibility. Every day, the team is committed to providing the right answers to the  representatives of the national healthcare system who support patients in their care path. 

Nicola Zancan Managing Director

Manager with 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector,  in both drugs and devices in Italy and Europe, Nicola has been leading the development of AOP Health Italia in Italy since 2019. Passionate about sports, he firmly believes in the team and in the integration of different skills. 

Sonia Tomasso Medical Manager

Officially joined AOP Health Italia in January 2020,  but already collaborated with the company  the previous year. Sonia is a professional appreciated by all our  partners and a point of reference for  our staff. Her skills  give her the opportunity to deepen every aspect of our products in detail, proudly facilitating the most important collaborations of the group. Combining creativity and collaborative spirit, Sonia is the glue of the entire Italian team. 

Daniel Ambrosio Commercial Manager Italia

Daniel joined the AOP Health Italian team in September 2020. Daniel brings his experience and his great scientific curiosity to AOP Health; he is responsible for coordinating activities in the areas of onco-hematology and pulmonary arterial hypertension with a  can-do attitude and strong team spirit. Spending time with his family, doing sports and a nice conversation while sharing a coffee make him happy.  

Stefano Sugamele KAM Campania and Puglia

After studying medicine and a long career in various international pharmaceutical companies, Stefano joined AOP Health Italia in 2019. Passionate about science, he is an important pillar for the team for understanding complex concepts. However, he also impresses us with his musical talent  when he entertains us with his beloved guitar. 

Laura Grassi Key Account Manager Lombardia

A trained biologist researcher, for more than 30 years she has been working in the pharmaceutical sector in  hospital sales and market access sector. She defines herself as a "start-up animal". Laura, for pleasure and out of personal interest, also supports the company in communication projects. She will go down in Company history for joining AOP Health Italia on April 1, 2020, during lock down! 

Michaela Bartoletti Key Account Manager Lazio

Michaela is a biologist who has chosen to work in the pharmaceutical world, in which she has gained over 20 years of experience focusing on the hospital sector. She has held various roles in marketing, sales, and market access at several companies. The spark with AOP Health Italia is struck thanks to her inexhaustible passion for new challenges that she also wins thanks to her easy-going Roman spirit! 

Fabio Cepollaro Key Account Manager Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia e Trantino Alto Adige

He joined AOP Health Italia in June 2020. Fabio is a biologist with extensive commercial experience in the Pharma / Medical Device market. Passionate about his work, Fabio has accepted this new challenge  at AOP Health with determination, always maintaining a positive attitude and working  eagerly towards success. 

Sarah Crea Business Support

With a degree in Business Management and a multifaceted professional background, Sarah brings her versatility combined with organizational and support skills to AOP Health Italia which she joined in September 2019. Thanks to her passion for sailing boats, she always wears a splendid tan with her smile. 

Stefano Pirro Key Account Manager Tuscany and Emilia Romagna

Joined AOP Health Italia in September 2021, Stefano boasts over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical environment from which he brings his consolidated introduction to the critical hospital area in AOP Health. Always looking for new challenges, he strongly believes in teamwork which enriches him thanks to the different knowledge and visions of the team members.
He loves tennis, but only in second place after his family, which represents self-improvement as a person and as a professional.

Facts & Figures

The company began its development in Italy in 2019 and is now made up of 8 employees who hold roles in Marketing & Sales, Medical and Administration for three therapeutic areas.

AOP Health employees are characterized by a great pioneering spirit, a "can-do" attitude and a high level of flexibility. An open-minded atmosphere allows everyone to question solutions and processes, contribute new ideas and take responsibility.

A logical consequence of this strategy and corporate culture is the increasingly holistic approach to treatment options and the resulting combination of drugs, medical devices and patient services, such as those developed for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Our motivation at AOP Health is to help patients suffering from rare and special diseases. This is why we collaborate with  stakeholders of the Italian healthcare system. Partnerships in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are key to finding and providing solutions for patients, particularly in the treatment of rare and special diseases.

the registered office milan
The registered office of the company is situated in Milan.
The registered office
operational Headquarters
operational headquarters pisa
From Pisa, the company manages operations throughout Italy and coordinates , support activities for the field force network. 
17 team members
AOP Health Italia is a team of dedicated and agile specialists with a great sense of responsibility. Every day, the team is committed to providing the right answers to representatives of the national healthcare system who support patients in their care path. 
team members
areas of treatment
3 areas of treatment
As an expert  for rare and special diseases, AOP Health investigates, produces and markets innovative solutions in the treatment areas of HaematoOncology, Cardiology & Pulmonology, and Intensive Care. 
6 available treatments
In Italy AOP Health provides six products. 
available treatments

Vision & Mission

The future

Thanks to our advancements in the field of therapies, an increasing number of patients survive their disease or are able to live with it for a longer period of time. In the next few decades, personalized medicine, individual treatment opportunities will emerge more and more as the standard in AOP Health’s therapy concepts as well.

Novel technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) will play an equally crucial role as the increasing quantities of big data and conclusions derived from the daily lives of patients also beyond the strictly regulated conditions of clinical trials, e.g. real-world evidence.

Furthermore, the increasing health competence, health literacy of patients and their family members will also determine the future of pharma and health care sector.