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The very recent Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to find a new communication channel between the Company and external interlocutors (doctors, patient associations and institutions) that was agile and complete at the same time.

At AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals Italy we have decided to create an exclusive digital platform available to our interlocutors that would allow virtual meetings, exchange of experiences, retrieval of materials and much more.

Established a few months ago, this virtual meeting area has already allowed the organization of various meetings for the exchange of experiences on newly acquired drugs.

In the virtual office it is possible to find a "lounge area" in which to consult materials to learn more about our Company, the "meeting room" where meetings take place, a “repository area” for scientific and marketing material on products that can also be consulted independently after registration and finally a “coffee break area” where you can browse through various information relating to the beauties of our Country.

Constantly evolving, the digital platform aims to respond to the communication and exchange needs of our customers, be they clinicians, patient associations or institutional referents.