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For control of symptoms and reduction of plasma levels of plasma levels of growth hormone (GH) and IGF-1 in patients with acromegaly not adequately controlled by surgery or radiotherapy.

Siroctid is also indicated for patients with acromegaly, for whom surgery is unsuitable or who do not wish to undergo surgery and for the interim period until radiotherapy becomes effective. For the relief symptoms associated with functional gastro-enteropancreatic (GEP) endocrine tumours, e.g. carcinoid tumours with features of carcinoid syndrome.

Siroctid is not an antitumor therapy and does not effect a cure in these patients. Prevention of complications following pancreatic surgery. Emergency treatment to stop bleeding due to gastro-oesophageal varices in patients with cirrhosis of the liver and to and to protect against recurrent bleeding. Siroctid is used in combination with specific treatment, such as endoscopic sclerotherapy.

For the treatment of TSH-secreting pituitary adenomas: If the secretion has not normalised after surgery and/or radiotherapy. In patients for whom surgery is unsuitable. In patients who are being radiated until radiotherapy becomes effective.

Drug Facts

Active ingredient: octreotide | Dosage form: solution for injection in pre-filled syringe | Strength: 0.05 mg/ml, 0.1 mg/ml, 0.5 mg/ml

Marketing authorisation holder: Chemi S.p.A.