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AOP Health Group Code of Conduct

A Reflection of Our Values

Our values serve as an internal compass.

The AOP Health Code of Conduct is intended to express our commitment to ethical behavior and transparency, not only to ensure the quality and effectiveness of AOP Health products, but also to encourage and support all employees and third parties working on behalf of or for AOP Health in an appropriate manner.

Guided by our values paired with our good judgment, we do what is right, we use the resources described in this Code of Conduct and we take responsibility for our actions. We expect and encourage all employees to comply with these standards of business conduct, especially during the performance of their professional duties. The Code of Conduct should serve as a guide for decision-making. In all our business endeavors, we remain committed to doing what is right and will not compromise our values or ethical standards.

Every employee is an ambassador of our reputation, because after all, how we carry out business to be successful is as important as the results we achieve. These are built on the foundation of integrity, transparency and the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct. Following our corporate values and these guidelines ensures that we maintain an inclusive corporate culture.

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