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Why did you found AOP Health?
When founding AOP Health in 1996 – as AOP Orphan – my aim was to make targeted treatment available to the maximum number of patients with rare diseases. I realized that these patients are frequently left alone in their suffering. As an entrepreneur the complex environment of rare diseases was a great challenge, but also an opportunity to be successful in this niche.”

What role did AOP Health’s sense of entrepreneurial responsibility play in the founding of the company?
“Entrepreneurial responsibility is no additionally imposed obligation for AOP Health, but the attitude that played an indispensable role at the very time the company was founded. AOP Health’s objective to provide effective help for persons with rare diseases originated from this sense of responsibility and has made the company what it is today.“

DI Petra Martikan Business Unit Manager Neurology & Metabolic Disorders, Cardiology & Pulmonology

“Many patients with a rare disease suffer from a massive diagnostic delay. Our ambition is to shorten this way by raising disease awareness in cooperation with health care professionals and providing individual solutions to improve their life quality.”

Dr. med. Hugo Leodolter Head of Medical Liaison

“With specific cardiovascular expertise and highly innovative drugs, being able to improve clinical outcome of critically ill patients in acute and intensive care settings - that motivates me every day, together with committed colleagues, to achieve top performance in a renowned company.”

Birgit Müller-Veith, MSc. Business Unit Manager HematoOncology

“As a an agile team we cumulate our knowledge, experience and hand-on approach to insure that the patients with rare diseases get a relieving treatment!” 

DR. Thomas Pachler Country Manager Austria

“With more than fifteen years of experience in the field of hematology and oncology, I have the wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge with highly qualified and motivated colleagues at AOP Health for the benefit of Austrian patients. We work together to change patients lives in a positive way!”

Bettina Kirchstorfer, MBA Business Unit Manager Intensive Care

“Our employees are the key to our success. With our highly selective products we can save lives at the crucial moment like in sepsis. This is my motivation. 
Experienced team, courageous openness and mutual trust lead to good cooperation and set the standard for AOP Health Intensive Care!”

Facts & Figures

AOP Health is fully dedicated to pharmaceutical and clinical development as well as commercialization of drugs for more than 20 years already.

Our motivation at AOP Health is to help patients who suffer from rare diseases. We achieve this cooperating with stakeholders of the Austrian health care system. Partnerships within pharmaceutical and health care industry are crucial for finding and providing solutions for patients, especially in the treatment of orphan diseases. 

Austria occupies a special position among many countries where AOP Health is represented. In this market, the company began its development in 1996 and this is where AOP Health also has its broad and solid base with a head office. AOP Health Austria is a team of around twelve employees in the Marketing & Sales, and Medical for all three therapeutic divisions.


patients with rare diseases in Austria
In Europe those diseases that occur in less than 5 per 10,000 residents are defined as rare diseases. In Austria 400,000 people have been diagnosed with a rare disease.
available treatments
In Austria AOP Health provides twenty products. 
four THERAPEUTIC areas
AOP Health Austria covers four treatment areas:
HematoOncology, Cardiology & Pulmonology, Neurology and Metabolic Disorders as well as Intensive Care.

Vision & Mission

From the Concept to the Drug 

AOP Health headquarters team in Vienna covers all essential aspects of product development, starting with preclinical research & toxicology, extending to pharmaceutical & clinical development, including regulatory affairs, quality management & pharmacovigilance. Find out more about Science & Innovation at AOP Health in English on the global website. 

More on the global website

Partnering is of key importance for AOP Health. It allows further developing AOP Health’s rare disease portfolio and enables to approach patients beyond company’s core markets in Europe. Find out more about cooperation ways with AOP Health using the link below.

More on the global website


History of more than 20 years means many significant milestones — in research,  social, business spheres and regulatory affairs — that were and are important for AOP Health.


Foundation of AOP Health in Vienna


The Orphan Regulation EC no 141/2000


1st Approval of Anagrelide in Europe


European Union Expansion


Prostacyclin Analogues Approval


JAK2 Discovery


Renaissance of Interferon (IFNα)


UDCA Designation


Tetrabenazine Approval in Central Europe


Nabilone Approval in Austria


Start of the PROUD PV Study


Beta-blocker for severe sepsis


Pitolisant approval


Landiolol approval


Treprostinil and PAH


BESREMi® Approval

Corporate culture

Thanks to many years of experience in the provision of complex and individualized treatments, AOP Health gained special expertise and market presence in the field of rare diseases.

Since its very start AOP Health has borne the social responsibility of further life quality improvement for patients with severe, rare and life-threatening diseases. We at AOP Health conduct intensive research for this purpose, believing that developing and providing solutions for patients is the most important part of the AOP Health corporate responsibility. When it comes to wanting the best for the patients, we stand side-by-side with each other as a team, with researches, physicians, therapists, caregivers, patient organizations and other stakeholders. 

AOP Health is keen to keep one of its greatest assets – it is closely networked with the key specialists in all markets and is therefore able to help patients with rare diseases from Austria throughout the world.

The future

Thanks to our advancements in the field of therapies, an increasing number of patients survive their disease or are able to live with it for a longer period of time. In the next few decades, personalized medicine, individual treatment opportunities will emerge more and more as the standard in AOP Health’s therapy concepts as well.

Novel technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) will play an equally crucial role as the increasing quantities of big data and conclusions derived from the daily lives of patients also beyond the strictly regulated conditions of clinical trials, e.g. real-world evidence.

Furthermore, the increasing health competence, health literacy of patients and their family members will also determine the future of pharma and health care sector.