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Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M.

Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M., CEO, AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH, is a tax-law expert, with an extensive experience in entrepreneurship and financial management within the pharmaceutical industry as well as strategic expertise in business development.

Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M.

The needs of our patients are at the center of everything we do. We therefore combine our passion and commitment in all areas of the company to be able to offer integrated therapy solutions to those affected.

Personal Profile

Bernhard Nachbaur, LL.M. received his law degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Bernhard gained profound tax and finance experience in international tax consulting and in auditing firms before he joined AOP Health in 2017 as a Tax Expert. After several management positions in finance, Bernhard was appointed Chief Financial Officer in July 2021. Through his intensive collaboration with various internal and external stakeholders, Bernhard has acquired an expert knowledge of AOP Health's requirements and commercial needs, and as a financial advisor, contributed significantly to the company's growth. As Co-CEO, his responsibilities include Commercial, Legal Affairs, Finance and IT.­

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