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Dr. Christoph Klade

Dr. Christoph Klade

AOP Health has successfully developed a number of innovative treatment options in recent years. To arrive at these, our thinking is guided above all by patient needs.

Personal Profile

Dr. Christoph Klade brings a sound scientific education and specific professional experience, both domestic and international, to his function as Director of Research and Development at AOP Health. In 1998, he completed his studies in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology at the University of Vienna and has since complemented these with a wide range of further education courses, such as immunology training at Stanford University and at UC Berkeley.

His career began in 1994 at Boehringer/Ingelheim in the research and development department, where he worked for five years – part of which during his studies. In 1999, he joined the Austrian vaccine manufacturer Intercell, where he held a number of different positions. He was in charge of clinical immunology, was Head of Technical Development and, finally, held the position of Senior Vice President and Global Head of Clinical Development. He has been at AOP Health since 2012.


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