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There are different options of partnerships.

AOP Health focuses on two different partnership approaches:
  • In-licensing
    AOP Health is a partner for pharmaceutical companies that develop or already have developed their product and want to reach patients all over the world.
  • Out-licensing
    AOP Health enables patients around the world to get access to its products through a selected partner network.

Our partnerships focus on the key treatment areas of:

  • Cardiology & Pulmonology,
  • Haemato-Oncology,
  • Critical Care, and  
  • Neurology & Metabolic Disorders

In addition, AOP Health is open to further treatment options in the field of rare diseases and in critical care. The complexity of the treatment areas requires long-term cooperation with all stakeholders in the healthcare system. For this reason, partnerships are designed to continue for an extended period beyond the product life cycle.


AOP Health has a proven track record of doing business in European markets and in the Middle East.

Legal requirements, market access hurdles, healthcare systems, mindset and culture deviate significantly throughout the territory making in-depth knowledge of the different markets  necessary. Therefore, AOP Health is present in each of its core markets with our own teams, in order to handle these challenges.

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AOP Health enables patients around the world to get access to its products through a selected partner network by giving the rights to further develop, manufacture and / or distribute the product to a partner in a defined territory.

This is particularly the case in regions where AOP Health does not pursue any commercial activities with its own teams.

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Partner Stories: Successful together

For AOP Health, the key to successful partnerships is a long-term relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Jonathan Hahn President of Tuteur S.A.C.I.F.I.A.

“Our collaboration with AOP Health will allow many neglected patients suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension to gain access to medical treatment. We hope that our continued joint efforts will allow both of our companies to expand even further in the Latin American market in the coming years.”

Alejandro Snitowski CEO of Axon Pharma

We have been partnering with AOP Health for almost a decade, helping thousands of patients with Huntington`s Disease to improve their quality of life in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico. During all these years, we always found a way to build our partnership with open communication and a professional approach to solving regulatory issues.


We expect to extend our partnership with new orphan drugs and niche products, helping more patients access a better life.

Dr. Jean-Guillaume Lecomte Chief Executive Officer, Bioprojet Pharma SAS

"With Wakix® (pitolisant) we address a significant unmet medical need in the treatment of narcolepsy. Next to introducing Wakix in Western Europe with its own commercial organizations, Bioprojet is glad to expand Wakix access to narcolepsy patients and their physicians all over Northern and Central Eastern Europe with the support of AOP Health."

Lisa Bright President of Intercept International

"We are delighted that this new therapeutic option for PBC, the first in nearly 20 years in some regions, can be available in countries where Intercept is yet to have a commercial presence. This collaboration with AOP Health represents another step towards our mission of providing worldwide access to this new alternative treatment to improve the lives of those with PBC."

Dr. Harald Jainta Director Business Development, DESITIN ARZNEIMITTEL LTD

"We have been a partner of AOP Health for decades in distribution arrangements crossing products from AOP Health for Germany and brands from Desitin for Austria. AOP Health is a proven partner that works tirelessly to get transactions completed. Moreover, recent innovations of AOP Health have transformed us from a niche player into a smart development entity."

Dr. Michael Caballero Managing Director, Orpha Swiss

"Being one of our preferred partners since the day OrPha Swiss GmbH was founded, AOP and our collaboration played a crucial role in the success and build-up of our small Swiss niche pharma company. Now, after 14 years of collaboration, AOP Health has proven to be not only a reliable and professional business partner but also an innovator and problem-solver in the pharmaceutical niche and orphan drug sector."