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Explore current press releases about AOP Health, its products, studies and cooperations. We will be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have via aop-health@aoporphan.com 

Collaborative Research Ensures Availability of Rare Disease Therapies

14. 11. 2023

AOP Health: Roland Bindeus becomes Senior Director Commercial

8. 11. 2023

European Health Forum Gastein 2023: European Rare Disease Research in Crisis?

28. 9. 2023

Sofia Opitz is Managing Director of AOP Health Nordics

21. 9. 2023

Blood cancer: AOP Health announces new findings in patients with polycythemia vera published in medical journal Leukemia

19. 9. 2023

MPN Awareness Day: How Patients become “Managers of their own Disease”

13. 9. 2023


Living with a Rare Disease


AOP Health hosts Rare Disease Day
Talks and Panel Discussion

Living with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension


Interview with Eva Otter, President PHA Europe

International Women and Girls in Science Day 2023


AOP Health shines the spotlight on Women in Science

MPN Breakfast 2022


AOP Health, a longstanding contributor to MPN research, hosted its first MPN breakfast last year to raise awareness and listen to patients’ challenges in battling these diseases. This year’s breakfast included patients as well as hemato-oncologists and researchers for a live discussion revolving around the topics of Quality of Life of MPN Patients and Clinical Trials from a Patient Perspective.

World Sepsis Day Sept 13, 2022


AOP Health, a critical care provider for more than 25 years, wants to raise awareness.

Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of infectious diseases and is associated with high mortality. This World Sepsis Day, AOP Health seeks to raise awareness.


AOP Health donates medication and makes a financial contribution to support the relief efforts in Ukraine

Polycythaemia vera


“I wanted to experience the joy of living and have positive thoughts again. I found various means of helping myself and would like to share this experience with other people.”

Narcolepsy Awareness Day, Sep 22, 2020


Narcolepsy is a rare lifelong neurological disorder that affects the natural cycles of sleeping and waking. It is characterized by excessive sleepiness during the day. This rare disease affects 2–5 out of every 10,000 people. No cure of the disease is currently possible. Therefore the treatment concentrates on relieving the symptoms as far as possible.

Huntington’s Disease Awareness May, 2020


"If you get diagnosed do not hide your head in the sand. Stay open, positive and keep up the hope for a cure. It is important to go on with regular life as long as possible, for example to continue working, meeting friends and family, having hobbies! Such non-medical treatments as regular exercising, physiotherapy, logotherapy and massage etc also have a positive impact!"

PH Awareness Day May 5, 2020

Univ. Prof. Irene Lang, MD

"The time taken to establish the correct diagnosis of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is on average about 14 months. However, the disease process starts much earlier - at a time when nobody has any idea about pulmonary hypertension. I know of one case that took 30 years to turn into a manifested disease!"

MPN Awareness Day on Sep 12, 2019
Prof. Dr. Martin Griesshammer Director, Department of Hematology, Oncology, Hemostaseology and Palliative Medicine, Mühlenkreis clinics

"MPNs is a chronic haematological disease group caused by a stem-cell disorder."

Photos and Infographs

  • Infograph: Integrated care for rare diseases
    Bridging the gap to improve the lives of 30 million people in Europe.
    Infograph: Juggling care and daily life
    The balancing act of the rare disease community.
    Rare diseases seriously impact everyday life.

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