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Become a part of AOP Health

After receiving your application documents we screen them carefully. Please give us at least two weeks’ time for this process. If your profile is a good match for the position, we will start the interview process.

As the selected candidate you will participate in our individualised introduction program from the start. We will pair you up with an experienced AOP buddy who will show you the ropes during your first few weeks.

Currently we are looking for ambitious candidates:

Dr. Rudolf Widmann Board Member AOP Health Group | Founder

"As a company, we are small enough to be really close to our patients, yet we are large enough to be able to provide them high-quality, personalized customer care."

Dr. Gunther Krumpl Board Member AOP Health Group | Founder

"AOP Health having international expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development as well as distribution and marketing of drugs, offers flexible solutions for in- and out-licensing partnerships."

Mag. Petra Lanz Chief Commercial Officer

"Every day we at AOP Health consolidate our knowledge, expertise and energy to ensure that the patients get necessary treatments available notwithstanding the market complexity and challenges."

Dr. Christoph Klade Chief Scientific Officer

"AOP Health has successfully developed a number of innovative treatment options in recent years. To arrive at these, our thinking is guided above all by patient needs."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kurt Krejcy Chief Medical Officer

"To provide patients with effective drugs COLLABORATION is the key for success- within and between pharmaceutical industry and academia."

Dr. Roland Bindeus Senior Director Commercial

"Imagine you find a solution to a complex rare disease and can make this available to afflicted people."


"What drives me are the highly individual needs of patients and physicians. We try to predict these, understand them and, as a consequence, act in a rapid, professional and empathic way."

HR Facts & Figures

AOP Health was founded in 1996 by Dr. Rudolf Widmann with the purpose of developing and producing therapy options for patients with rare diseases. The intention was to first introduce the product in Austria, then in European core countries of AOP Health, and finally in the international market.

From its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, AOP Health, with over 20 subsidiaries and representative offices, now operates in all European countries as well as in the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Furthermore, the company is active internationally through its strategic partnerships. 
AOP Health is an international team of more than 500 dedicated and agile specialists in 20 countries.
We at AOP Health speak more than 35 languages in-house, uniting ambitious colleagues from all over the world. 
Education is a powerful tool which can be used to change the world. We are proud that 70% of AOP Health's team hold academic degrees applying their knowledge for the benefit of patients with rare diseases. 
academics quote
More than 65% of the AOP Health team worldwide are female specialists. 
At AOP Health more than 50% of all management positions are occupied by women.
women in management

What does it take?

In addition to personal initiative, at AOP Health we look for a person’s willingness to contribute. Potential candidates should feel comfortable even outside their comfort zone and not identify themselves solely with their personal tasks as listed in their job description.

Ing. Dipl-Ing. (FH) Johannes Pilz | Program Coordinator

Work & life at AOP Health

Individuality is not only a core aspect of our entrepreneurial activities - we give prime importance to individual development in the careers of our staff members. Depending on the performance and competence, we offer a variety of training and development options.

At AOP Health we have an appreciative style of communication on an equal footing. This concerns dialogue with the team and the executives as well as cooperation with our partners. The flat hierarchy creates a pleasant work environment, where committed staff members are able to pursue their creative and individual style of work.

Portrait Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian
Dr. Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian Group Lead Clinical Operations

"My daily work reflects the diversity of AOP Health."

What do you appreciate most about your work?
I like the fact that my work entails attending various meetings or conferences, where I have the opportunity to meet with stakeholders and colleagues to exchange consistent information. In my various tasks, I have adequate possibility to introduce my own ideas, and can take responsibility in the decision-making process.

What do you appreciate in your daily interactions with people?
We have a friendly work environment where respectful interaction between individuals is paramount. We also like to arrange after-work activities among colleagues.

Mag. rer. nat. Simone Pleifer-Matzinger Group Lead Clinical Operations

"We approach many things “spontaneously” in the positive sense of the term – that’s possible only because of the dynamic environment at AOP Health."

What do you appreciate most in your daily interactions?
Generally we have interdisciplinary exchange between all departments, including the executive level. Something very unusual in a pharmaceutical enterprise is that we work in flat hierarchies – the doors always remain open for one and all.

Portrait Simone Pleifer
Portrait Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian
Dr. Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian Group Lead Clinical Operations

"Our studies are more complex than for example diabetes or vaccine studies, since we ought to seek patients with rare diseases. Thus, the collaboration with doctors and specialized hospitals is of utmost importance."

Our Values


Creating value by making smart and fast decisions in a matrix structure while driving and adapting to change.


Knowing what we need to do to help patients, having clear goals, and working hard to accomplish them.


Working collaboratively, implementing aligned decisions and adapting to change.


Taking ownership for outcomes at all organizational levels.


Recognizing achievements, appreciating each other, and celebrating success.

Dr. Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian | Clinical Project Manager

What’s next?

We work with ambitious employees who continue to develop and grow. They make AOP Health successful and represent who we are – experts in our fields. Tailoring what we do to our patients’ needs is what drives us.

Portrait Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian
Dr. Nairi Kirchbaumer-Baroian Group Lead Clinical Operations

"My wish for the future is that we continue to make a valuable contribution to medical research in rare diseases, as it is our core competence."

Portrait Veronika
Veronika Chicevicová, MD Country Manager Czech Republic

"It is our collective ambition at AOP Health not only to develop the new treatments but also to guarantee secure and efficient supply and care in all countries where we are present with own offices as well as in the markets covered by our partners. We feel responsible to giving hope, solution and relief to the patients with rare diseases and in critical care.”